Oregon Fishing Adventure offers ocean fishing charters for lingcod, rockfish and salmon out of Brookings Oregon. Brookings Oregon is a relaxing coastal community in Southern Oregon and located in some of the greatest ocean fishing in Oregon. Brookings is just a few minutes north of the California border, and the famous Smith River.

Your skipper Randy Wells has many years experience chasing lingcod, rockfish and salmon in both Oregon and Alaska. If you have been on any charter fishing boats you know how the fishing gear can be worn-out, to say the least, that is not how we operate our boats. Our ocean charter fishing boats are outfitted with new high-end rods and reels every year, and all our fishing gear is kept up to date to ensure you the best chance at a great fishing trip.

On a charter fishing trip out of Brookings, Oregon with Oregon Fishing Adventure you will enjoy a great day chasing lingcod, rockfish and or chinook salmon.

Brookings Oregon Chinook Salmon Fishing:

Chinook Salmon also known as “King Salmon” heading for the Chetco River, keg-up just off the mouth of the Chetco River in Brookings, Oregon during October. This is the best chance of catching a trophy King Salmon outside of Alaska. Also known as the King Salmon, are the largest salmon species in Oregon and are the most popular with anglers. Anglers who want to find the freshest fish they can will do so during the October Brookings Oregon ocean bubble season. The Average king salmon weighs between 10 and 15 pounds, but fish between 45 and 65 pounds are not uncommon. The Oregon state record is a longstanding one, caught in 1910 on the Umpqua River and weighing 83 pounds. During the ocean salmon fishing season we troll herring using high-end salmon rods.

Brookings Oregon Rock Fish and Lingcod Fishing:

There is a great variety of rockfish on the Oregon coast, but in general they all share a lot of the same characteristics; black rockfish are more readily available because they live at shallower depths, but all these species live at shallower depths at one time or another. All rockfish provide excellent sport and good eating. The most common rockfish on the Oregon coast include, yellow-eye rockfish, canary rockfish copper rockfish and vermilion rockfish Black rockfish, also called sea bass, black snapper, and rock coos are the most common species and have a few attributes anglers like: they hold in shallow water near shore around rocks, jetties and kelp beds; and they take lures near the surface. When fishing for lingcod and rock fish we will be using light tackle rods and jigs.

We take pride in offering our customers the greatest ocean fishing gear, a professional crew and a fantastic fishing experience while fishing out of Brookings. Oregon. Please give us a call to talk more about your Oregon ocean fishing charter.